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peerless p830856

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Has anyone ever used these peerless p830856 drivers from parts express? I cant find much info on them, other than the 2 reviews on the P.E. website.
Unfortunately they are "no longer available", I dont know if this permanent, seeing as they have been on buyout for some time and have sold out a few times before. Anyway i bought ten of them, and am currently testing them, trying to decide enclosure volume and xover topology.
I'm building a 5.1 surround for a friend. So far I really like them, they have somewhat smooth FR, natural steep rolloff at 10k, and high excursion for a 3 1/2" driver. They seem perfect for compact satellite application. I havent decided on tweeter yet.
Any info or comments?
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thanks mike. That driver looks perfect. A bit more expensive in comparison, but better and more versatile.
I was going to build another 5.1 set with the peerless drivers, but I'm going to take a better look at these el70's.
thanks again
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