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Philips 46PP93 0217 color problem

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I recently bought a Philips 46PP93 0217 It worked fine for a day and then the color started flickering in and out. The picture is fine but the color is not. I don't have any idea what is wrong. When the color goes out it looks black and white with a yellow tint. The color randomly flicks on and off while you are watching it. Any advice is appreciated.
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All sources? Are menus affected? What sources are you using?
it happens through the cable, through my ps2 and the dvd player, these are all on different connections.
What type of connections? Component, composite, s-video, RF? Are the menus affected?

If you want advice, you have to provide more complete information.
they are all composite connections except for the cable which is coaxial, yes the menus are affected too.
Likely not a pure chroma problem if the menus are affected. I'd be looking for a bad connection to one of the CRTs.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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