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New to this forum. And have a couple questions.

I bought a refurbished Philips HTS3544 home theatre system a few months ago. Its been working fine.
I decided on it because:
1. the price was right
2. just needed a little home theatre, not a wall shaker
3. had the features I wanted, namely DivX playback.

It also has a USB port, that claims to be able to play mp3's, jpeg photos, and DivX movie files from memory cards (through a USB card reader), or a flash memory stick.

I decided to try this out last night, and loaded a movie on a 1 GB Sandisk Cruzer stick. it seemed to play fine, for the start.

Then, at time, the playback was very stuttery, and then the audio sync was way off for a bit. The stuttering video, and sound seemed to coincide with lots of action, and lots of moving things on the screen, quickly. I change the audio output to Stereo, from Surround, thinking that it might be overpowering what ever decoding computer is inside the unit. The stuttering happened much less, but still was there from time to time.

It plays fine on my computer, however.

The movie is MPEG-4 XVID codec, 624x352 and 23.976 fps, if it matters. the audio is mp3 at 128 Kbs/sec.

This is the only one I've tried so far, so have no idea if this is what its going to do with everything, or was my movie file.

Any thoughts on this from anyone that might have a similar HTS unit?
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