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I swapped out two STK-120's and all the 6.8OHM resistors in my Philips Magnavox DPTV305.

When I power it up at least 4 resistors glow red hot. I removed the board, swapped out the STK's and burnt resistors with some extras I purchased and the same thing happened again.

I have checked for bridged connections but have not found any.

If I unplug the green yoke cable the resistors stop glowing.

What is the most likely cause?

Note: I have a spare board from a parts set I bought - when I swap it into the set the TV works fine.

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Your post was moved to a new thread in the proper forum. Always start a new post for a new problem.

Sounds like you might have a bad green yoke, or a defective IC. Could be other problems as well. I would check your work again and check for d.c. offset on the ICs. What vendor did you use for parts?

Be sure to read the first ten posts of the Convergence Repair thread very carefully.
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