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Pink Noise Intermittant Breakup

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I downloaded 4.10 to my desktop and it worked great. So, I decided to make my operation mobile and downloaded to my fairly current laptop running XP. The program loaded fine, seems functional. When I send calibration signals through the Tascam US122, they come out as they should but broken. That is, pink noise sounds like pink noise but punctuated.

I disconnected the wireless card and raised the buffers to the highest settings, with no effect.

Any ideas?

Thanks fellas, great program.

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Did you look at your CPU usage with the resourse manager to see how busy it was? Sounds like the pink noise is being interrupted.......
I can check that. The laptop is a few years old but it has a 2 gig processor and is reasonably fast.
Update - laptop still not working. Looking at the processor, it's very low in usage. Through the laptop speakers there is no breakup, it's only using the USB preamp that causes the issue. I haven't had any other USB problems with the computer and all the latest drivers are installed.

I got the cabling to try to calibrate the soundcard but that introduced a whole new set of problems that my tired brain couldn't surmount.

The home rig works fine and I'm good with that for now. The evangelical "take it on the road" plan will have to wait for renewed energy to throw myself at the wall another hundred times.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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