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pioneer rt909

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Hi All.....Im fairly new to the reel to reel scene....my passion is vintage ghettoblasters......When i was a kid, my dad had a grundig reel to reel...just a cheap one and i remember some home recording he did....Now as iv gotten older and he passed away several years ago, I thought it would be nice to play those reels to my mum.....anyway i have this pioneer rt909 that has suddenly jumping into play mode......as soon as you power it up, it starts playing .....Can anyone point me in the right direction of a possible fix.....Im ok at the mechanical end of things but my knowledge of electronics is a bit limited,,, So much for being an electrician by trade.....Anyway thanks very much if anyone can help.............Dave
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Looks like the transport logic is solid state rather than relays. Could be something as simple as a stuck/broken control switch, could be a failed component. Diagnosis is likely to require a schematic and a voltmeter and circuit analysis skills. Unfortunately, those tape decks are fairly complex.
Thanks for the replies....Iv been told that it could be the timer switch or circuitry........ill be having a dabble over the next week or so
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