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Pioneer TS-W306DVC Subwoofer Box Help

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I would like to use 2 of my Pioneer 306DVCs in my home theatre, hooked up to an amp that can run 4 ohm / 8 ohm load. I will probably connect the voice coils in series to get 8 ohm load. I need help with a vented box dimensions and its port length n width. Please also advise whether a down firing box or front firing will be better suited to these subwoofers.

Here are the specs of W306DVC.

Nom. diamerer [inch] 12
Vas [Liters] 50.796
Qts 0.37
Qes 0.379
Qms 14.2
Fs [Hz] 33.9
Sensitivity [dB] 89
Max Power [W] 400
Power definition Nominal
xmax [mm] 9.4
Moving mass [g] 129.73
Disp area [m2] 0.046
Air gap [mm] 10
Coil height [mm] 28.8
Coil diameter [mm] 56
Cms [mm/N] 0.1695
Rms [N*s/m] 1.953
L [mH] 3.337
Bl [Tm] 21.247
Driver volume [Liters] 2.36


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Both subs can be wired together for a 4 ohm load. We'll need the Re (voice coil resistance) to figure this out for you.
Both subs can be wired together for a 4 ohm load. We'll need the Re (voice coil resistance) to figure this out for you.
RE is 6 ohms
Z is 8 ohms

Appreciate your help Mike.
If you want low end response for HT then each sub would work best in 5 cu.ft. tuned to 23 hz. The cabinet will need two 4" port 22.5" long each. If you wire the subs together for a 4 ohm load a 300 watt plate amp with a subsonic filter at 18 - 20 hz will drive them both.

Text Line Font Technology Electronic device
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5 cu ft u reckon Mike with twin 4 inch ports x 22.5 inch in length per box. I have worked out the internal dimensions.

22 inch Height
15 inch Width
28 Inch Depth

This gives me 5.3 Cu ft internal volume. Keeping in view space occupied by sub n ports going a bit over 5 will do right? Or do u suggest i need to go over 5.3 cu ft?

Another quick question. I was using these subs earlier in my car using two sealed boxes of 1.2 cu ft each. Pioneer recommends sealed boxes of 0.85 to 1.75 cu ft for these subs in the owners manual.

Perhaps that is for car use right? The same boxes at home do not sound very loud n bass response isn't as good as it was in my car where i could hear n feel all low frequencies with hefty punch.

Really appreciate your help !!
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Sorry mate the previous TS were for TS-W305DVC.... here are specs for TS-W306DVC. can u please re run your software. is it still 5 cu ft. Regret giving you wrong info.. :(

Model # TS-W306DVC Model

Nom. Nom. Dia.(In) 12 Dia. (In) 12
Qts 0,480 Qts 0.480
Qms 10,800 Qms 10.800
Qes 0,500 Qes 0.500
Fs[Hz] 32,9 Fs [Hz] 32.9
Vas[l] 51,76 Vas [l] 51.76
Vas[ft3] 1,828 Going [ft3] 1.828
Vd[l] 0,432 Vd [l] 0.432
Vd[ft3] 1,53E-02 Vd [ft3] 1.53 E-02
Sd[m2] 4,60E-02 Sd [m2] 4.60 E-02
Sd[ft2] 0,495 Sd [ft2] 0.495
Revc[ohm] DUAL3.0 Revco [ohm] DUAL3.0
Levc[mH]at 2000Hz 3.320(8Ω) LEVC [mH] at 2000Hz 3320 (8Ω)
0.826(2Ω) 0826 (2Ω)
Xmax[mm] 9,4 Xmax [mm] 9.4
Xmax[In] 0,37 Xmax [In] 0.37
Zmax[ohm] 139.20(8Ω) Zmax [ohm] 139.20 (8Ω)
34.83(2Ω) 34.83 (2Ω)
Bl[Tm] 18.570(8Ω) Bl [Tm] 18,570 (8Ω)
9.290(2Ω) 9290 (2Ω)
Rms[Ns/m] 2,589 Rms [Ns / m] 2.589
Mms[g] 135,27 Mms [g] 135.27
Cms[m/N] 1,700E-04 Cm [m / N] 1.700 E-04
Mg.Wt.[g] 2400 Mg.Wt. [g] 2400
Flux Density [Gauss] 7400 Flux Density [Gauss] 7400
Hag[mm] 10 Hag [mm] 10
Hag[In] 0,394 Hag [In] 0.394
Hvc[mm] 29 Hvc [mm] 29
Hvc[In] 1,134 Hvc [In] 1.134
VC.Diameter[mm] 55 VC.Diameter [mm] 55
Eff[%] 0,36 Eff [%] 0.36
SPL[dB] 89,0 SPL reduction [dB] 89.0
RMSPower[W] 400 RMSPower [W] 400
MMP[W] 1000 MMP [W] 1000
Sp. Displacement[l] 3,30 Sp Displacement [l] 3.30
Sp. Displacement[ft3] 0,117 Displacement Sp [ft3] 0.117
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There is a calculator for figuring out driver, port and bracing displacement here:


your cabinet should have a couple of bracing panels, one vertical side to side and one horizontal panel front to back.

Car subs get a lot of cabin gain in a vehicle that boosts the low end, in a home the cabinet needs to be bigger since room gain is only a faction of cabin gain.

The new parameters model identical to the first set, box size, tuning and power requirements are the same.
Lovely... the calculator is super tool to figure out exact 5 cu ft..it even takes into account volume occupied by braces n ports.. yayyyyyyyyyy... talk abt precision !!! thanx a zillion..

Ill definitely start on this weekend.. hope to finish it by sunday...!! will post pictures if im able to complete it.

Home Theatre Shack Rocks !!! cant wait to hear n feel mean thumping bass :)
Make sure you take pics of the build process, it makes a good reference for future members looking to build the same kind of box.
I've completed the boxes today. Due to space restrictions in my living room i opted for taller boxes using 0.75 inch thick MDF board. Used 2 inch screws and applied Epoxy Adhesive on all panels. This thing works best n once set even if all screws are removed the mdf panel cannot be seperated apart.. Dimensions of my box are as under. 48 inch Height x 16 Inch width x 16 inch Depth. my box with bracing, sub and port volume gives me final internal volume of 5.04 cu ft. hope this 0.04 extra isnt gonna do any harm? since box is kinda narrow so slide flex is not going to be a problem. ive given just one horizontal brace in the middle. say after 24 inches (if the box is standing on its base which is 16 x 16 inches).


n its pretty heavy.. 5 cu ft is a big box.. must be around 40 kgs without the sub.

Well ive made ports on top... n it sounds greattttttttttttttttttttt !!! Love the vibrating bass ! thankz a zillion Mike..Hometheatreshack Rockss!!
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Good to hear it worked out for you! Did you just build one sub? What are you powering it with?
Ive built two Sub boxes... See i have two amps.. One is my regular home theatre amp. errr let me give u details of my setup.

Sony EX500 - 46 Inch LCD Bravia 3 Engine
DVD Sony DVD Player, HDMI , Digital Coax.

DVD player is connect to my HT amp via Monster Coax Digital Cable.

Home Thetre Amp - JVC 5 x 100 Watts RMS
Front Fisher 2 x 200 Watts Full Range Floor Standing Speakers (studio Standard)
Centre - Cerwin Vega VE-5C @ 150 Watts
Surround - Cerwin Vega Bookshelf VE-5M @ 125 Watts Each

In my home theatre AMP ive used crossover to cut frequencies below 100 Hz to all 5 Speakers and enabled subwoofer out - Mono Channel (using 1 x 2 RCA connector). Earlier all speakers were set to LARGE so crossover was not functional and i was getting minimum bass out of the subs.. till i decided to set speakers to small and set cross over to 100 hz. The frequency graph tht Mike gave showed a box freqencies upto 108 hz so ive set cross over to 100 hz otherwise i can cut speakers at 200 hz as well.

To power the twin Pioneer TS-W306DVC subs I have a Pioneer Stereo AMP rated at 100 Watts RMS @ 8 Ohms connected to my HT amp thru the sub out. Gain on pioneer amp is Half n it is good enuff for the time being.

Volume control, I'm using JVC and it increases sub out as i up the volume...Am on a budget at the moment but i know a good sub amp will do wonders to the bass output... but for the time being i feel the pioneer amp is doing pretty good than i had expected. especially on the low bass frequencies . not audible but it gives a strange push on my couch, n things placed in shelf say 18 feet away from the subs on opposite wall start vibrating. or perhaps its my living room accoustics (full concrete walls and porcelain tiled floors).

I am one happy dude !!! (for the time being tht is)
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Thanks Mike.. you are the Man.... wouldnt have been possible without your help...really appreciate it. :yay2:

I know ppl using expensive active subs 10 inches and 12 inches, but for some reason all they hear is bass boom n nothing on lower frequencies.. never knew this build will turn out to be so good. n best thing i havent spent a penny on amp or subs. Got precut MDF panels, Epoxy, Screws n Carpet, put in some hours n thts abt it :rofl2: :rofl:

Cheers mate !! :jump:
Nice build. And those subwoofer are quite a good bargain saw them at futureshop for 79$ CAN the other day. For a such low price you can easily grab two or more and power them with 500 watt you have a nice little setup that will fill small room and be enough for most people.
Great build for those components. I love your HT space. I wish I had that kind of width to set up my speakers.
AMP to Power the SUBs

Im back guyzzzz with a word of advice for DIY people out there. I was using HIfi Stereo Integrated Amp to power the subs using a Y cable connected to sub out of my home theatre amp. I had an old 16 amp 12 volt dc power supply so I experimented a Class A 350 Watts (mono bridged 2 channel) amplifier to power both the sub woofers just to test how it sounds.

And to my surprise a Stereo Integrated Amplifier is no match to a car audio amp with built in cross over for sub bass frequencies. At very high volume the car amp trips cuz my power source which is only 16 amperes is not sufficient. The Car Amp is rated at 30 Amps DC 14.4 Volts for optimum output. I believe with just 16 amperes and 12 volts it may only be pumping out 120-150 Watt RMS but there is a world of difference when compared to the Integrated Stereo Amplifier.

So I did some browsing and came to the conclusion that a Digital Switching AC to DC power converter 14.4 Volts rated at 35 - 40 Amperes will be quite adequate to power my 2 channel Class A bridgeable 350 Watts RMS amplifier with buit in sub bass crossover.

Guyz either use a subwoofer plate amplifier or a car Audio Amplifier (provided you can pump in enough dc amperes) if you want optimum performance from your subwoofers.
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What does a Digital Switching AC to DC power converter 14.4 Volts rated at 35 - 40 Amperes cost?

What does a Digital Switching AC to DC power converter 14.4 Volts rated at 35 - 40 Amperes cost?

I have a 105A 12-14.5v custom built PSU sitting right here, apparently the dude who got it made payed 800NZD, I'm just borrowing it at the moment, too bad I have to give it back now :crying: . It's so awesome, and it's for sale now, too bad I can't afford it, I want it to stay right here. Haha
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