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Pioneer VSX-D850S won't turn on, "Power Off" message

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Getting ready to move and need to decide if this one is worth salvaging. For the longest time, I would turn on the AVR and one of the front channels wouldn't work, i.e. everything would sound great, but one speaker would be dead. Restarting the AVR would sometimes cure the problem, sometimes it would just change speakers, i.e. first the left speaker would be dead, then the center.

Finally, one day it just gave me a "power off" message as seen in the video below. Hasn't worked since.

Not a super high-end AVR, any thoughts on what a repair might cost or if it's something I could do myself?


Model: Pioneer VSX-D850S

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3701414591/in/set-72157620599908013/
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