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Dear Everyone,
I had been using a Pioneer VSX-LX304-S for 3 months without any issues until yesterday when there was a power outage for a blink of an eye. The AVR switches on and it passes through any PICTURE from any HDMI inputs, but it sends no audio to the speakers (I have a 7.1.2 system installed) and displays no OSD. Everything is visible on its front panel, but I can't get the OSD working. I've already tried three different screens, soft and hard resets as well.

It seems like the HDMI out port sends information only if there's a cable plugged in the selected HDMI in port. For example: if I connect a PlayStation4 to the "GAME" HDMI input port and choose the "GAME" input to be used by the AVR, then the picture of the PS4 is displayed on the TV, but without any sound or OSD. If I wanted to open the "BLUETOOTH" input of the AVR (which needs no HDMI in port and uses the AVR's OSD), then there is no signal on the TV. Thus, if I don't use any HDMI inputs on the receiver, then there's no signal sent through its HDMI out port. The TV indicates that there is a device connected through HDMI though...

Any advice would be appreciated!
Thank you in advance, David
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