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I guess it depends on where you have your computer and how you want to use it. Direct connection is generally better as it gives you full control of the PC. That will give you the ability to use your projector as a secondary/primary display for the computer and you'll be able to play games, use the internet, have direct access to the media player(s), etc. There would be no need to buy an external bluray player if you have a built in bluray drive. You could also stretch a good HDMI cable 25-30 feet and use a bluetooth keyboard and mouse (or RF) for the same effect. Going any more than 30 feet could be problematic however.

If your computer is farther than 25-30 feet away, or cabling is an issue, like in another room or on another floor, then streaming the media might be a better option although high bandwidth content like 1080p video needs a robust connection (ie: gigabit) to work smoothly. Wireless is generally not too good for higher bandwidth video content, but is adequate for music, DVD quality video/audio and pictures. I stream from my PC to my PS3 using Windows Media Player over a gigbit network and it works well for me. I don't have a blueray player in my computer but have streamed hidef content that I've downloaded.
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