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I need help with figuring out the correct enclosure size. I got a Orion HCCA 10.4 sub. Right now I have it in a small sealed box built to Orion spec, but the sound quality and spl is not very good. Sound quality is my main focus, but having some spl is nice also. Right now it does not sound very loud. I read somewhere that the HCCA is not good in a sealed box, so I am trying to figure out what is the best ported box for it. I am putting this in my car so I would like it as small as possible. Later on I might use it for HT.

I downloaded WinISD Pro and try to get the enclosure spec for this sub. But I am getting errors and I am not sure what to do. Since I am a total noob, if someone can help me out I will greatly appreciate this. THANK YOU!!!

Here is the spec for the sub from Orion:

Thiele/Small Parameters

Fs (free-air resonance, Hz) 32.49
Vas (equivalent compliance, cu. ft. 0.564
Vas (equivalent compliance, liters) 15.98
Qms (Q, mechanical) 3.63
Qes (Q, electrical) 0.46
Qts (total driver Q) 0.41
Re (DC resistance, ohms) 7.57
Z (nominal impedance, ohms) 2 x 4
Le (inductance, mh) 2.93
Efficiency (1W @ 1M, dB) 83
Xmax (one way linear excursion, in.) 1.0
Xmax (one way linear excursion, mm) 25
Pe (continuous power handling, watts) 1500
Peak power handling (music, watts)** 3000
Mms (total moving mass, grams) 235.64
Cms (mechanical compliance, mm/N) 0.102
Bl (motor strength, Tesla-M) 28.05
Sd (effective radiating area, sq. cm.) 333.3
Sd (effective radiating area, sq. m.) 0.03333
Sd (effective radiating area, sq. in.) 51.6616
Frequency range (Hz) 32-250
Energy Bandwidth Product (EBP) 70
Driver Physical Dimension
Speaker Displacement (cu ft.) 0.15382
Mounting hole diameter (mm) 238
Mounting hole diameter (inches) 9.37
Mounting depth (mm) 214
Mounting depth (inches) 8.425
Magnet Weight (Oz) 263.7

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Hey Mike,

Thanks for help so far. I am running a JL 500/1 to it rated at 500w rms @ 1 to 4 ohms. I got the sub wired at 2 ohms. What do you think of those ported box they sell on Ebay? They look like they are nicely built, but none of them list what they are tuned to and size of the port.

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