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hello generous experts,
i have purchased a used mitsubishi WD-62725 and have heard and read many conflicting reports on what it's hd capabilities are and what i need to get it showing. i have a new comcast connection being installed next week and am not sure what to tell them to bring. i have heard and read both that hd is built-in on the set and also that it is simply capable. i have heard and read it does 1080p and also that it does not and other conflicting info, but i digress.

im fried on info!

please tell me if i need a hd converter from comcast, or if i should purchase one from an a/v retailer. do i even need one?

i used to sell a/v for the good guys (i sure miss my discount!) 10 years ago, so i'm not a complete stiff but realize i am far over my head with the latest tech, especially when i can't get consistent facts. i understand there will be opinions offered for the equip i need, if i need it, and that will be much appreciated.

just found out im too new to post the link to the manual, sorry i couldn't provide that resource

thank you very much in advance,

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