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allo all,
its my first post here-and im going in at the deep end!
im looking to re-inforce my l+r speakers for stereo use with a pllxo, and ive run into a little trouble!
hopefully someone would know what to do?:dunno:

im using the following guide for doing it- http://www.t-linespeakers.org/tech/filters/passiveHLxo.html ( 2nd order crossover )

the first problem is that my power amp for the speakers (high pass section) has a 47k input impedance- it causes problems with the calculations as i get a negative number for the r'2 resistor value -kinda not possible to impliment.

the second affects the first- my speakers are tri-amped keeping the passive crossovers in place. all i have done is loop over the pre out to 3 power amp channels for each speaker- does that effect the pllxo calculation?- i would rather not take it back to 1 channel per speaker

-im soo glad i found this forum-its awsome-rew and all that, looks like im going to have plenty of projects to tinker with!:daydream:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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