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Polk PSW110..Not enough??!!

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So, I'm just about finished my garage theater conversion..It's just a 5.1 set up right now...The sub is a Polk psw110...I was using this in my living room (12x16) and it would shake the walls..I now have it out in my dedicated theater (16x25)..I have it at about 75% up on the sub and +3 on my receiver...It sounds nothing like it did in my living room, even after turning it up...It just seems like a mid range and doesn't hit the lows as much..Is it just because of the size of the room, or do the acoustics play a bigger part??...Should I add another sub or just get one nicer one??
I figure I could sell the one I have for about $120..So I would have a total budget of $400 to spend on a new one..
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Placement could be the problem.
Sit the sub in the primary listening position and crawl (yes crawl) around the room listening for when the sub sounds good.
Once you find the best spot, put the sub there and then listen from the main listening position.
Hopefully it will sound much better.

Corners often work well, particularly corners near the key seating(when the sub may be small for room size). Also, don't forget to re-tweak levels and phase each time you try a new spot.

Tom V.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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