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I am trying to find some good information on studies of the effects of angles and bends, as well as info on the effects of trying to smooth, curve, or what have you. Obviousely a strait line with no bends and no angles would be optimal. There must be turbulence, friction, and other effects to every turn.

When i see designs with 45 degree boards, I have to wonder... sure, changing a 90 degree into a 45 degree to 'reflect" must help... but with the exotic, painstaking work in some designs, that seems to be a less than ideal "fix" or solution. To me, going from 90 degrees to 45 is only a 50% solution. I have seen some very elaborate designs that do not implement perfect curved bends, rather simple easy angle boards.

Please help!




here's some excellent curved examples



This goes for elbows in PVC tubes as well

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