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Port length and air speed?

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I also have a Dayton Titanic 15" sub and a O audio 500 watt amp. When i put the data into WinIsd it gives a port length of 4 inches, is this right? I used the data from a link on this website. 12^3" with a 19hz tune. I will build a 24x24x36 box. On a side note: do any ported boxes need bracing? If there vented, how could there be internal pressure high enough to flex 3/4" mdf?:scratch: One more thing, I'm a little confused about port air speed. I read a turtorial and now I'm more confused. Thanks for the help.

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Definitely need bracing. Unless you have a box that is an 8" cube.:D

MDF is strong but the pressure inside a cabinet of any type will push against the weakest area. So with a 24" length the weakest area will be in the middle. So with a longer piece the weakest area increases. The guideline I follow is to brace at least every 8".

What questions do you have on port air speed?
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