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Port length and air speed?

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I also have a Dayton Titanic 15" sub and a O audio 500 watt amp. When i put the data into WinIsd it gives a port length of 4 inches, is this right? I used the data from a link on this website. 12^3" with a 19hz tune. I will build a 24x24x36 box. On a side note: do any ported boxes need bracing? If there vented, how could there be internal pressure high enough to flex 3/4" mdf?:scratch: One more thing, I'm a little confused about port air speed. I read a turtorial and now I'm more confused. Thanks for the help.

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Hi I was using WinISD with the data for the Dayton, And it gives a port air speed of over 1000fps. Also the excursion graphs look ok with one watt but if i change the value to 500, It dosent look good at all. I dont seem to be able to get any size port to work. I'm going to try a different data source for the t/s's. I'm new at this program but something is off.

As far as port speed, it should be at or under 17fps or so? Is it feet per second?

So at 4" round,(1 or 2 or even 3 ports) how long does it need to be in 12^3 box at a tune of 19hz?

If you could model it out for me that would be great. If you get it to work can you give me a link to the source of the data. I like the program. its fun to play around with. I would very much like to get it to work for myself.

I used the search function and found a link to a file of data for the Dayton Titanic 15" and saved it into the WinIsd Drivers folder and it seem to work but the results seem strange. :scratch:

Thanks Joe
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Ok i found out that the numbers were off due to my not noticing that they were in meters and not in feet. So I got it finally. I'm going with a 12 cubic foot box with a 16 Hz tune. It works out with two 4" ports 18" long. thanks for the response. Now I just have to build.:T
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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