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Port length and air speed?

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I also have a Dayton Titanic 15" sub and a O audio 500 watt amp. When i put the data into WinIsd it gives a port length of 4 inches, is this right? I used the data from a link on this website. 12^3" with a 19hz tune. I will build a 24x24x36 box. On a side note: do any ported boxes need bracing? If there vented, how could there be internal pressure high enough to flex 3/4" mdf?:scratch: One more thing, I'm a little confused about port air speed. I read a turtorial and now I'm more confused. Thanks for the help.

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The strength component is fairly important as well, unless the box is made of depleted uranium, there will be some movement that will result in an acoustic loss, AFAIK.

Even things we consider to be rigid oscillate when motivated by force. I'd like to see what the first panel in front of a tapped horn driver (S1) looks like on a high speed camera while playing a full power 20 cycle note.
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