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Porting help jl 13w7

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Have an 10th Anniversary Edition - W7 13.5-inch Subwoofer Driver (1500 W, Dual 1.5 Ω voice coils)
And building a 150 L box, bur it maby 140 L after i put in the subwoofer and port and some brazing ?
I Wonder port zize ??
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For 140 Litres you could use a 14 cm diameter round port 81 cm long.

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OK thank you, can you help me if i want to do an shelf port ?
I simply need to know the inside dimensions of the box you plan to build.
OK it is 37'5 cm deep + 41 cm wide + 105 cm tall inside :)
What size amp are you going to drive this with and does it have a high pass filter.
Minidsp pwr dsp1 2400 w + dspeaker anti-mode 8033 cinema.
To utilise the full 1500 watts you will need the port to be 41 cm wide by 5 cm high and 109.5 cm long.
This is with a 20 Hz high pass filter included in the simulation.

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I think it be hard to pot in a port that big. I need to go for the pipe, 6" aeroport ?
A 6" port need to be 0.97 m long and would probably need a bend in it to fit your enclosure
What happens if I close the box then? can you help me with how sound can be? I need a special tube for and do not get the noise, it sold only 30 cm so you must buy three pieces. http://www.ljudia.no/tilbehr-s82136/bassrefleksrr-s82138/aeroport-c79373/aeroport-6-svart-p79383/
I bye sorry no god in english
It should be Ok with 140 Litres and sealed since you will be getting some room gain as well.
The green is ported and the blue is sealed.
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Tank for the help.
I have an new projekt 4 15" gladen sqx extreme
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