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Possible PSP2 Specs Leaked

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Possible PSP2 Specs Leaked
01/25/2011 Written by Anthony Severino

As much as we love our PS3′s, we have to admit — the possible prospect of a PSP2 has stolen almost all of our interest as of late. Incoming hardware announcements tend to have that effect on us. Come January 27, we’ll know everything there is to know about Sony’s PSP successor, but in the mean time, all we have to go on is rumor and/or leaks. Lucky for us, some possible PSP2 specs have leaked out, suggesting what we had already surmised — the PSP2 is going to be one beast of a device.

Recent rumors point to the PSP2 having an OLED touch screen and a 3G connection. From earlier leaks we know there will be two analog sticks, a touch-sensitive panel on the rear, as well as front and rear facing cameras. But what about the processor? Screen size? Resolution? According to “knowledgeable sources” close to French site 01net, you can expect the following:

Size – The PSP2 is said to be 6.7 inches wide and less than an inch thick, with a sliding design similar to the PSPgo.

Controls – Two analog sticks, D-pad, 4 standard PlayStation face buttons, L and R triggers, and a touch-sensitive panel on the back. This latest leak suggests that the touch-panel can sense up to 6 different pressure points at once.

Screen – 5 inch OLED touchscreen with a resolution of 960×544, which matches the aspect ration of the original PSP. Hopefully we’ll see some compatibility with older PSP games.
Processor – Quad-core ARM Cortex A9 customized by Sony

GPU – PowerVR SGX 543 MP4 – a quad-core GPU with 128 MB of VRAM

– 512MB of LPDDR2

Storage – 16GB on board memory, expandable through SD cards.

Connections – 3G, Bluetooth, Wifi

– GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer, microphone, front and rear facing cameras.
That’s some serious specs and will likely make for an expensive retail price. Now that you’ve seen these leaked specs, what are your thoughts about the PSP2? Is this a worthy successor to the PSP?

Source: PSLS
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This really makes you want to play with one!
Tell me about it, but I don't think I have enough room on my gaming desk to squeeze this in I still have a ton of games to get through and some hardware which I haven't tested yet.
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