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I knew very little about powder coating until today. At work I got to go back and work in the steel shop, and I got to do some painting from start to finish, washing the metal in a chemical bath, hanging on a steel rack with steel hooks, pushing the cart into a furnace room at over 350 degrees F to dry, and namely for galvanized steel specifically to let it bleed out it's chemicals that otherwise damage the powdercoat later in the baking process, taking it out to cool, then into the painting booth. man the stuff is fun! I painted my hand... and it just fell into a soft black powder like baby powder. I dusted it off.

Then I painted some aluminum, then steel. You can blow or wipe the stuff off, but otherwise it sticks quite well!

Then of course baking, then letting it cool.

The gentleman that showed me everything today wasn't trained very well, but I was impressed with how much he has self-tough. He doesn't know a whole lot yet, but said they are starting to be able to coat wood and plastics. Paper must be on the way... so long as it holds up to the baking process.

I'd love to powder coat some subs! Removing the cone from the rest of the assembly first, of course ;)
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