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eugovector wrote:
"For the record, my Onkyo 706 with no signal fed (thus, no power output, but amps are still on), used about 65 watts."

I just got my meter last night.
I'm measuring mine exactly like yours. Onkyo 706 with no signal fed, pre-outs used for front 3 channels to outboard amp, outboard amp is OFF at this time ...

Straight off without warming up, my 706 measured 75watts, but steadily climbed.
Right now, after 20min. of warming up and being measured, it is at 104watts and still climbing, don't know where it will stop (this is still with no signal fed).

My ATI 6ch. amp measured 127watts with no signal fed to it.

UPDATE After 40min. the Onkyo seems to have leveled off at 111watts. Now to start feeding it a signal and adjusting the volume control.
Still with no signal feed: with volume at -80db, 111watts... volume at +7db, 115watts.

UPDATE Adding a signal feed but outboard amp still off: with volume at -80db, 108watts... volume at +7db, 110watts.
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