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Power consumption of av receivers

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I have seen this on another forum and no one answered the question it goes as follows

Pioneer Vsx-21txh power consumption 400 watts with 110wpc

Denon 2310ci power consumption 708 watts with 105wpc

Onkyo TX-SR707 power consumption 720 watts with 100wpc

now my question is it seems as power consumption goes up watts per channel go down, pioneer seems to get more wpc with less power consumption are the pioneer numbers possible or are the other 2 just inefficient. any thoughts on this.
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The 400W cannot be continous with all 7 channels driven to 110W. It is simply not possible.
The power output specs may well be continuous power, but there is simply no way that it can output 770W while consuming 400W continuously. The power consumption is either a mistake or made with different conditions than the output specification.
So if we do the math,say 400w divide that by 7 it's more like 57.142857wpc this seems possible.So how did this receiver get THX certified select2 plus with these numbers when there are countless other receivers that have better real world numbers then this. IMO there should be a better standard the the one the FTC has especially when it comes to AV receivers no more loopholes. This way if they claim our receiver puts out x amount wpc it's a real world number not test tones at x amount of Hz or kHz but with music or movies because that's what it is used for by the consumer. There has be a better way of doing this. If the power consumption specs that are in the manual and on the back of the receiver is a mistake that's a pretty big mistake to miss.
You may be confusing output power with power consumption. Power consumption is what the unit uses from the a.c. supply. Power output is what is available to drive the speakers. A perfectly efficient amp would consume the same power that is output, but there are no perfect amps. Actual power consumption, however, is usually far less than the total output power that the unit is capable of producing, due to the dynamic nature of music and movie sound and the fact that most users never use anywhere close to the continuous power that the unit is rated for. The 400w number is obviously a mistake, or perhaps was intended to be a typical consumption value. Even then it would likely be a por estimate.
My question is how can a receiver consume 400w and be able output 110wpcx7 the math doesn't add up.unless there is something I am missing please explain.
Your question was answered. It cannot. Either the power output is not continuous at 110w x 7 channels, or the 400w power consumption is a mistake.
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