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Power consumption of av receivers

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I have seen this on another forum and no one answered the question it goes as follows

Pioneer Vsx-21txh power consumption 400 watts with 110wpc

Denon 2310ci power consumption 708 watts with 105wpc

Onkyo TX-SR707 power consumption 720 watts with 100wpc

now my question is it seems as power consumption goes up watts per channel go down, pioneer seems to get more wpc with less power consumption are the pioneer numbers possible or are the other 2 just inefficient. any thoughts on this.
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The explanation is that the 110 watt rating is a lie. I might guess that they got that number only driving one channel at say 1Khz. that power consumption number is its rating for its actual use. it is legally required to be its actual max power consumption. used for wiring, cabling, and what not to ensure the connections are powerful enough.

So legally that number is right, meaning the 110 cannot be correct.

My guess on the original question (ratio of input power vs output power) is that receivers with higher input power give more honest and legit output power numbers.
Thanks to all you guys for taking the time to answering the question. It was enlightening, just wish manufactures were more truthful with their specs.
If only they would be honest and use real testing procedures that are not extremely in their favor.

I think that one thing that feeds these 'faked' output numbers is that very few actually understand how much power you need to get a spirited output from speakers. they are just looking for the receivers with larger outputs and so they must be better, and they are happy with it because typically the speakers they use are moderately efficient and get loud enough for them on whatever power its putting out (or the distortion gets to be so much that they have to turn it down and perceive it as being too loud for their ears.)
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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