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Power Sound Audio Welcomes ICE and is Set To Release New Subwoofer Models (S1500, V1500, S3000, S3000i)

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Power Sound Audio (PSA) has released images and details covering four new subwoofer designs. The Ohio based company has also unveiled a new slick-looking website. We have a lot to cover, so let’s dive in and take a look at what Tom Vodhanel and Jim Farina have been cooking-up for fans of the low-end.

Power Sound Audio's new V1500 subwoofer.

BASH is Out, ICE is In
The story behind the story is that PSA is abandoning their use of BASH amplifiers in favor of ICE amps on new subwoofer models. The company says the shift is driven by performance and build quality rationale, but also because Speaker Power (the maker of ICE amplifiers) assembles their amps in the USA. That “Made in the USA” badge should help PSA with inventory logistics, but also makes PSA subwoofers practically created by parts sourced wholly from businesses within the United States. The latter fact is a heavy point of emphasis for PSA which stresses that their products are designed, sourced, and assembled in America. Of course, sourcing parts from US companies comes with a cost premium, but PSA feels that product improvements justify any overall price increases realized by its customers.

Power Sound Audio’s new “ICEpower” amps are beefy, ranging from 725W to 1700W across their new models. A quick look at amplifier specs on their website's product pages illustrates that these amps are feature laden, have native efficiency, and custom DSP interfaces. Just about every modern function one would expect is present on their detailed spec lists.

Power Sound Audio will be using ICEpower Amps on their new sub designs.

Power Sound Audio says it will continue to offer BASH amplifiers on their XS15se, XV15se, and XS30se subwoofer models for the foreseeable future. Demand will ultimately dictate how long PSA continues with this policy. Current owners of these sub models can upgrade ($350) to an ICEpower amplifier if they own an SE model. The company says that the original non-SE drivers aren’t compatible. Also, it’s worthy to note that PSA is making no guarantees that the XS15se, XV15se, and XS30se subwoofer models will be offered indefinitely, therefore if you own one and are planning to buy a second, buy it now.

Four New Subs
Power Sound Audio’s four new models have been designated as the S1500, V1500, S3000, and S3000i. Each is said to be an “improved” version of currently offered models. The S1500 and V1500 models are the new XS15se and XV15se subwoofers, while the S3000 and S3000i will ultimately replace the XS30se. The company says it’s currently “re-evaluating” the status of the XV30Fse, leaving the door open for a potential fifth new model.

The new S3000i.

All four new models have updated cabinet designs and also sport speaker grill covers that match the cover designs on PSA’s new MT and MTM loud speakers. It’s good to see the company establishing a shared physical design standard across their product offerings. The company says that the new subs all carry 15-inch high excursion drivers that have been tweaked for “optimal performance” with considerations given to the new ICE amplifiers.

The end results of PSA’s new sub designs are deeper extensions and slightly higher output capabilities (between .75dB and 3dB depending on the model). The biggest change in performance will be seen in the S3000i, which is said to have about 3dB more output from 16-100Hz.

Power Sound Audio says they plan on offering a range of cabinet finishes, including wood veneer. Pricing for the new models is slightly higher than previous offerings (S1500: $949, SV1500: $1049, S3000: $1399,and S3000i: $1599); customers should see shipping begin sometime during March 2015.

A New Look Online
Lastly, PSA’s new website is a radical improvement over their previous effort. Beginning with the homepage, customers are treated to appealing imagery and clear marketing messages. The navigation menu is also more intuitive and user friendly. Power Sound Audio has included an informative “Tips & Tricks” menu option that takes customers to a lengthy list of professional opinions on everything from speaker wire to subwoofer distance settings and amplifier power. It’s all well worth checking-out.

For more information about Power Sound Audio’s new offerings, visit them on the web at www.powersoundaudio.com or message them directly via this link.

Image Credit: Power Sound Audio
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I finally pull the trigger on a pair of XS30se and they've already been replaced! Not sure I'm ready to spend $700 on ICE amp upgrades, but nice for se owners to have that option.

How about that T-18? :gulp:
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