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This calibration stuff isn't going in to my head with the greatest of ease, so may I ask a dumb question.

Ive downloaded the 1/6 tones from the Download area, burnt them to a disk and using the supplied excel spreadsheet have plotted a little graph ... in fact you can see it below,

But my dumb question is this, I presume that the spreadsheet has added the correction so I have a propper reading

If so - what do you think ?

Oh general info, Its an RS 33-450 SPL meter, Cross over set to 80Hz and a BK XLS300 Sub

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what do you think ?
Any reason that you stopped measuring below 22Hz?

I assume your mains are turned on. They should be shut off when testing a sub, so you can establish how the sub behaves without any other influence.

(yes, the excel sheet adds in the correction)

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