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Hi there!

I live in South-Africa and i read a lot of the forums on DIY projector screens but I have one problem and that is that I don't know what Paints to use because we don't have the Paints here that is talked about in the forums?

Can someone please advise me on what to look for? We have brands like DULUX and PLASCON if this would mean anything to you?

I have A LG Projector, 1000 Lumens, 2500:1 Contrast ratio.

Any help would be appreciated!:yay:

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dulux make a very neutral white that is available in some parts of the world. 'light and space' (lumitec) absolute white. approx N9.8

they can also mix up the following neutral greys:

1) 00NN 53/000 (approx N7.5)
2) 00NN 62/000 (approx N8?)
3) 00NN 72/000 (approx N8.5?)
4) 00NN 83/000 (approx N9?)

lastly their tinting machines should be able to mix up S0907-y70r. this is a clone of the original bermuda beige tint used for mixing with AAA to produce black widow.

i hope this helps you.
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