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Problem with older 31" Mits CRT

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Sadly, our 1996 vintage Mitsubishi 31” TV has been showing its age of late. When you turn it on, the picture collapses to a thin white horizontal line across the middle of the screen. When the picture finally kicks in a couple of hours later, it has horizontal lines on the screen that are progressively larger and more numerous towards the bottom of the screen. I’m sure it’s just a minor repair – the picture tube is still nice and bright. Any ideas? Is it something I could do? About the only relevant tools I have are a Greenlee VOM and a soldering iron.

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It sounds like your flyback transformer is going (very common). It happend to our Yamaha CRT a few years ago. It can be replaced however that depends on availability of the part as our Yamaha had to be repaired with a used one.
if its anything like our old Sony there will be screws holding the A/V input/output connector to the back of the set, those will need to be removed as well (the connectors stay with the inside circuit board) check the spot where the power cord goes in as that may have a screw also.
Ya, that dust is real nasty if it gets in your lungs, I think is has something to do with it sitting around all that electronics but it gets almost acidic in nature.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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