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Problem with older 31" Mits CRT

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Sadly, our 1996 vintage Mitsubishi 31” TV has been showing its age of late. When you turn it on, the picture collapses to a thin white horizontal line across the middle of the screen. When the picture finally kicks in a couple of hours later, it has horizontal lines on the screen that are progressively larger and more numerous towards the bottom of the screen. I’m sure it’s just a minor repair – the picture tube is still nice and bright. Any ideas? Is it something I could do? About the only relevant tools I have are a Greenlee VOM and a soldering iron.

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I agree with lcaillo. This is a very common failure symptom of vertical output circuit. Look for solder void around the vertical scan IC(usually LAxxxx), and also connector to the the vertical deflection yoke. Check if there is any electrolytic capacitor close to the vertical scan IC heatsink. It tends to dry with the heat from heatsink.
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