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Problems with my Philips 51PP9100

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Where to start.....the set I'm working with is a Philips 51PP9100D Chassis DPTV585.
A couple months ago I had something go wrong with the TV. The analog input (coax), video 1 2 and 3 are all missing a color. Sometimes the picture is all redish and sometimes it's all greenish. Switching between video inputs on the TV (via remote) it will change back a forth. It didn't bother me to much since the majority of viewing was done thru the HDMI input and that was working perfect (along with the digital OTA channels). Well about a week ago the red color started to bow at the top and bottom of the screen on the left side. I would be very thankful of any help the great HTS can provide.
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So yesterday I decided to open the set up and have a look around....after I got the circuit board loose I flipped it upside down. You could definatly tell one of the IC's had something going on. I pulled both of them out, cleaned up the area abit and then started to check all the resistors. They where all good, so I installed the new STK392-120's I had just got in the mail. Put it back together and wala....Perfect picture again with th HDMI and OTA digital signals.

Iwould still like to know If any one has had/or knows anything about the problem like the one I describded in the first post.
I have not seen this particular problem, but it is the type of problem that will require some real troubleshooting. Probably not tought to track down with the right signals and skills using an oscilloscope.
Yeah, I've lived with it this long.......and I never even use those inputs anyways.......
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