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Problems with the Yamaha RX-V6A - Audio/Video cutting out - Firmware?

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I got the unit updated to v1.31 from 1.26 & it worked for about a week or 2 but now it’s back to the same thing cutting out video & audio on HDMI inputs & sometimes back from TV smart apps. Tried to update firmware again but it just freezes at the update screen & doesn’t go out to get a new update probably cause I doubt there is one. Mainly having issue with Directv Set top box Model # C61K-700. Have tried 2 different DTV units both work flawlessly in my bedroom with a TCL 43” Model 43S431. The DTV box has been hooked up to the Yamaha with HDMI #1 & then I tried # 3. (1 is supposed to be for Set top box) The TV I am using the Yamaha with Is the new TCL 4K 55” mini LED/QLED Model #55R635 but also first hooked it up to my old TV a Vizio 50” Model # E50u. I got the same issues with that TV however back then Jan 2021 firmware update didn’t go past v1.26. It was also the first receiver I got from Bestbuy & then returned that one for this. So this makes my second RX-V6A receiver. This receiver is now on v1.31. Also upgraded all brand new HDMI High Speed 2.1 - 48 Gbps cables when I got the second RX-V6A. I can usually screw around with Initialization (red button reset) or changing HDMI Video Format from Mode 1 to Mode 2 but the next time the equipment gets turned on again it will drop video & audio. It can be intermittent. Most all of the HDMI settings are on fully On or Auto such as HDMI Control, Standby Through, 4K Upscaling, HDCP Version, Standby Sync & ARC. So I have a ticket in with Yamaha & the receiver is in a certified repair shop in Cali. It's been a month & no word. I'm trying to get them to upgrade it to the RX-A2A Aventage. You know the crazy part is when I swap my old RX-V667 in (which I'm still using while the new one is in the shop), everything works as it should!! So in conclusion, I have tried 2 different TVs, 2 different sets of cables, & 2 different DirecTV clients. Anybody got any thoughts?
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