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Hey Forum,

this is may be not a thread for discussion, it´s more like a question for the support team:
The program runs very smoothly besides this one flaw I noticed: When zooming and/or scrolling the waterfall plots, the scaling and number read outs of the cursor change. For example: a peak which was at 100 Hz moves to lets say 80 Hz after scrolling. Also the resolution changes all of a sudden while scrolling, at least some times.
This seems to be more of a grafical problem as the results look otherwise OK!?
I am running Windows XP (SP2 and Java 6.11) on a MacBook with Boot camp.
I had older versions of REW installed earlier on this machine, when I did not notice similar problems.

Any idea, what this could be? I really like the program for its clear interface and convenience! So it would be very sad if I could not get rid of this issue.

PS. one other question comes to my mind: While it is mostly very convenient that the program moves all impulses to zero-position, this is not very handy when trying to adjust delay times or doing time alignment. Is there a option to get the "real" distance between mircophone and loudspeaker?

Thank you very much for your help.

Greetings, Uli

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Hi Uli, the only known issue with the waterfall plot is truncatioon when the frequency axis is linear, use log frequency axis. Note that the cursor frequency and value readouts correspond to the frontmost slice. For arrival time measurements you need to use the option to use the left channel as a reference (soundcard settings), the measurement delay is then shown in the details pane.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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