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Projector mount / dealing with vibration

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My projector mount is attached to wood work/the trusses by four screws. However any time someone walkes through the kitchen above on the main floor, I get a vibration that shakes the picture a little. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

Thanks in advance!
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I think the material in the link would have to be much denser than memory foam.
(I'm thinking you mean the type they use in pillows)
I think the material in the link would have to be much denser than memory foam.
(I'm thinking you mean the type they use in pillows)
I agree. Not thinking foam and pads are the answer here.
oh yah, the material in the link was needing 20-120 psi i believe, guessing none of our projectors are getting into that range :)

my rational for this approach was that I could then focus the isolation to the contact point between the mount and the projector making a very easy retrofit

i'm guessing that lots of people have this issue and i can only find a couple commerical solutions, cheif as a mount that does it ($250) and there was another solution which did it via a mounting solution to the joist ($60). My guess is that there is a way to solve this problem without adding something unsightly to the ceiling or costing a couple hundred $'s
I was digging around for neoprene washers and gromets a few days back and ran across vibration reducing mounts that would probably work pretty well. Something like this...


While I'm no expert, it seems to me that it will be extremely difficult to add enough mass or rigidity to the ceiling or floor to dampen the vibrations of someone walking on the floor. Sure, you could easily stop hearing them..but the actual deflection is a function of your floor joists and sub floor (let me guess, new construction).

Anyways..it seems you need a solution that is going to allow your projector mount to move independently from your ceiling. Therefore, some type of double deflection hanger would work. The more mass you can add to your projector mount the better. I'm not saying go overboard or anything. But if you added a couple 1/2" thick steel plates to the mount, the mass of the mount would help the double isolation spring mounts more effective.

I think springs are the answer for you. My neighbor has a steadycam rig for a camera and he can literally jump up and down and the camera stay perfectly still. (but that rigs costs about 10k).

Oh yeah, another website with uber amounts of vibration mounts...http://www.vibrationmounts.com/Products5.htm If they make a vibration mounts suitable for electron microscopes, something tells me they can help you out.

Hope this helps.
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