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I agree with Bryan, the fans in projectors are designed to flow air while the projector is in an open location, it would not be adequate to move air in a confined area. Read the specification and the placement recommendations they will tell you to be sure the unit has adequate ventilation.

Depending on the location, many new projectors have zoom and lens shift if it were me I would avoid placing it in an enclosed space if at all possible. If not them be sure you can get adequate ventilation (air volume) to it or you may have problems, if not certainly the fan in the unit would run at high speed and db, thus shortening the life of the projector and lamp.

Also remember that you have to have air flow around the projector not just a supply of cool air, it has to exit some where. I almost placed my projector in a soffit and ran the air duct around it placing the projector inside the duct for ventilation but it was going to be too much work to get it to work correctly so initially I decided to mount the projector the ceiling instead, and it worked out great.

Do you have a projector yet, if not what projector are you planning on getting and you can then determine what your options are.

I recently moved my projector Panasonic AX-200 into the wall/rack area because I moved my screen wall. Its all open around the projector so so far I have had no issues with ventilation.
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