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proposed box designs

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Hi all. I'd like your thoughts on these two LLT box designs that I'm interested in making. They are variations of roughly a 19" x 30" x 49" box optimized by WiniSD (WiniSD pro no worky on Vista ).

- 457L
- tuned to 16Hz (two 6" circular ports ~33" long)
- vent mach 0.07
- dual 15" (Tempest x2)
- 3/4 " ply
- internal bracing not figured out yet.

I'm more concerned about any negative effects the placement of the ports would have on performance (particularly in the lower profile box....port on two opposite faces). Initially I wanted to do a single long slot port, but I read that it must be done precisely to get good results (surface area aspect ratio 3:1............complicated). Any thoughts will be much apprecieated. If dual 15" is too much, or there would be no added benefit, feel free to tell me so. I plan on doing a simulation with card board and pvc tubeThanks again.


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Are the drivers going to be in phase or push-pull?
Either of those will work. I wouldn't worry about the port location. The effects are swamped by room issues so don't get caught up in some theoretical "best" location because there is no way to know exactly how the port interaction affects the driver via location other than building and testing. As I said, the small impedance differences caused by port interaction are swamped by other things in the grand scheme of things.

Kevin Haskins
Exodus Audio
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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