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PSP2 to Rival PS3′s Power, Could Be Out by October

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PSP2 to Rival PS3′s Power, Could Be Out by October
01/13/2011 Written by Sebastian Moss

Sony is set to aggressively increase their market share of the handheld market this year, rumored to be launching two portable devices in 2011. Along with the extensively leaked PlayStation Phone, the Japanese electronics company looks to release the successor to the PlayStation Portable later in the year. While many have predicted that the PSP2 would be a powerful machine, few would have guessed just how powerful the device will be.

Sources have told MVC that the PSP2 will be a true beast of a machine, with Sony apparently telling licensees that the device “is as powerful as the PlayStation 3″, however this may be in relation to the screen size, meaning that the actual power is less. Sony has been pitching the PSP2 as a portable equivalent of its next-gen home console, with similar games content planned – specifically asking for high-end games that differentiate its device from app-centric phones.

Contrary to some previous rumors, the PSP2 will support physical media, keeping retail in the loop – something that ensures that retailers will push the device, as well as supporting those without broadband. However, the device will also have plenty of downloadable content, including games and apps, with MVC even entertaining the notion that it might have phone functionalities.

Expected to launch in Q4, possibly even in October, Sony’s promotion of the handheld will be purposely timed to steal thunder from the rival 3DS. Not only is the platform holder thought to announce the device later this month, but “high-level sources” told MVC that Sony will outline its 2011 handheld strategy within a few days of Nintendo’s events covering their 3DS Easter rollout plans. More will be revealed at GDC and E3 later in the year.

If the PSP2 is revealed on January 27th, we’ll be sure to let you know. Are you excited for an ultra-powerful handheld, or do you think large scale games are more suited for home consoles?

Source: PSLS
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That is great information, i am a little out of touch the last few months in video games. I now cant wait to see the new technology that they are planing on putting into these new devices. As alwways thanks for the thread on this Ares.
Thanks Ryan, I try to stay on top of the gaming news for you guys but as of late I haven't been posting as often as I would like. It's nice to know that PSP2 will keep physical media and not continue what they tried to do with PSPGO.
Yea i was not that impresed with the psp go but i never got it to try it so i am not realy a good person to ask lol. Lets hope this stays with what they are saying and ill buy it.
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