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PT-53WX54J No Picture?

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I have a PT-53wx54j tv and recently the picture went out sound still works just no picture. One day it kinda faded away then just went blank within minutes. None of the menus come up and the light on the front is not blinking. I pulled the back panel off just to look inside seems like everything turns on the bulbs just dont kick on, it still makes the same clicking noise as usual. About a year ago i had the convergence board fixed i dunno if it was replaced or just had parts changed out, im not sure if that has anything to do with my present problem before i just couldnt get the colors to line up so i had it fixed. Any help would be appreciated Thanks
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Not much can be concluded without more information. Which power supplies are present and which are not? High voltage present? Filaments lit? Deflection running for H & V?
if you mean filaments like the bulbs no none of them turn on at all, would it be usual for all three bulbs to go at the same time? how would you check the voltages and stuff?
Filaments are the small lit area at the base of the tubes.

Step by step troubleshooting is beyond the scope of the forum. We can offer general advice on simple symptom-repair relationships that are common.
yea they dont light up at all
At this point one would need to do some research on the circuit and check to see what is running and what is not.
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