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I have a problem with my 2004 Panasonic PT-53WX54J. It has sort of 1/8 circle like rising sun shape on the bottom part of my TV. It would appear the green light is out of focus b/c the the red and blue are OK. I found a lite knob at the bottom of the green light that move the the direction of the light but does not come close to where it should be.
What parts would I look for and need to order? Thanks for your help.
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Read the first ten posts in the thread below very carefully. It sounds like you have a convergence failure. You need to do NOTHING until you are sure that you understand what you are doing. Identify the "knob" that you were turning and let's see if we can figure out what you were adjusting. Do not adjust anything else until you are clear on why and how to do so. The control should be labelled. Was it on the board at the base of the CRT? Was it really moving the image? Do you have a focus problem or a convergence problem? There is a very important difference.

After reading the very instructive posts on the subject, I must tend in opting for a convergence problem, the focus is fine.
As for the knob at the bottom of the green light appears to be in aluminum and could be moved about 1/2" from side to side around the base. (Bleu and red light can not be moved) when I moved this pieces from one side to the other the green image moves about a foot on the screen. I guess this is not an adjustment….The image is really doing a wave, little on the top but more spectacular at the bottom, convergence problem will affect one light or more at the time?

I found a site “ TVrepair kit.com” where I could purchase a convergence replacement kit. Would you recommend an other supplier ?

Thanks again for your help,
It sounds like you are moving the tabs on the back of the yoke, which do adjust the static position of the image. After repair move them to match the other colors in the center.

There are recommended parts didtributors in the parts post in the convergence repair thread and in a sticky for parts distributors in the DIY forum. I have not used this company's products, but they look a little pricey to me.
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