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PTAaron's Movie Room/Game Room/Bar

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PTAaron's Movie Room/Game Room/Bar - comments welcome!!

Latest news as of May 2016:

Major 2016 updates... Biggest changes start here: http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/home-theater-design-construction/55787-ptaaron-s-movie-room-game-room-bar-28.html

Original thread

I just thought it would be fun to start a thread here about my basement entertainment area. It isn't just a "home theater" - it is a whole basement project.

I been working on it since we moved in at the beginning of July 2010. My wife and I spent a LONG time trying to find the right house - we love to entertain and have a few other special needs so we had a few requirements: Had to have a bar, had to have a big deck (or space to build one), she wanted a "scrapbooking room" on the main floor since her mother is in a wheelchair and unable to go up/down stairs, I wanted space to build a home theater...

We eventually found this place - the day it was listed we made an offer and we got it! Main floor has a "den" so the wife got her scrapbook room. The basement had a wet bar, pool table, full bath, and another room that oddly had a full wall of mirrors... but I immediately knew it would be my movie room! Only thing keeping it from being the PERFECT entertaining house is the basement is not a walkout - so you have to go down some stairs to get from the grill to the pool table ;)

EDIT: The first 3 pages are kind of a retrospective look at the project... and it is pretty "picture heavy" because I like to document what I'm doing ;)

On to the space!
I am going to keep the first and second posts updated with the newest pictures of the space - so this page will keep changing. The 3rd post and on will outline my journey to get where I am, and beyond ;)

Equipment in the room:
Mitsubishi 73" DLP TV - 73740
Harman Kardon AVR 3600 (as a pre/pro)
Harman Kardon AVR-635 (as the amp)
Speakers: Pioneer SP-FS51-LR front towers, Pioneer SP-C21 Center, Emotiva ERD-1 surrounds, Dayton rears.
Subwoofer2: Elemental Designs A2-300 (x2)
HTPC running OpenELEC and Kodi
Sony BDP-BX58 (S580) Blu-ray Player and SACD Player
Motorola DCX-3200 Cable Box
AppleTV2 (1080p version)
System controlled with Harmony 1100 and RF extender

Old gear seen in the pictures include:
Toshiba 57h94 CRT RPTV
Harman Kardon AVR 635
Infinity TSS-450 5.1 speaker system

Here is the overall floor plan of my basement - I missed a couple of details like a door on the bathroom and sump room... but everything is to scale and you get the idea.

This was my original layout for the movie room when I first set it up:

Added second sub 6/11/16:

as of April 2016:

pic from 9/8/15:

Before painting the ceiling it looked like this (3/30/12):

.... to be continued ...

Funny - can't edit the post I "reserved" for the bar area pictures... so I'll add this here:

April 2015 - we added a Kegerator to the bar area...

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Had a little time today and after much debating about what to do with the package of Safe 'n' Sound I decided to go with the original plan and put it on the front wall.

First step was to make some fasteners to hold the stuff on the wall... I had picked up some nails with plastic rings on them that were 3" because 4" weren't available locally - and I also picked up some 4" drywall screws. A little bit of effort and I had some fasteners that would hold the 3" Roxul on and have enough length to screw into a stud.

It went up pretty easily... worst part was wearing a mask, safety glasses, and gloves! I ended up going back after screwing into studs on each panel and added some extra nails in the middle to keep the panels from sagging.

While I had things apart I used my old main speaker stands combined with my center channel stand to raise the center up a bit - tweeter is at the appropriate level now...

Hung speaker fabric over the Roxul to keep it from flying around and to make it black behind the screen again...

Ended up with one and a half extra panels... so I cut some triangles (width of the panels) and ended up with a 2 foot tall corner trap! I just have to make some sort of frame to support it. Right now I just used trash bags to cover them and stuffed it into the back corner on the riser.

Didn't listen to it yet... got busy playing around with creating scenes in the room on insteon and controlling them with an Echo Dot... I'm not expecting any kind of dramatic change, I just wanted to get that package of Roxul out of the way ;)
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