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Quad RL-P15 build SLLT: Is 1 1/2" MDF needed?

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Hello Shack;
Is 1 1/2" MDF needed for the cabinet if I use 2" X 2" wood for bracing in a grid of 1' on all the panels and 3" thick facia for the woofers? Is this overkill??

Also what about panel bracing on the outside of the box. The box will be in an adjcent room out of view.


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1.5" on the driver baffle(s) is fine, along with .75" walls, assuming enough bracing is used. For a sub enclosure, tight matrix style bracing is overkill, but any unbraced surface longer than 1' long is insufficient IMO. So, for huge enclosures, a spaced out matrix brace may be necessary...but it really all depends on the how high you intend to cross them over.

Also, exterior scrap 2x4's can work good.

Another thing that can help is the use of push/pull or push/push style manifolds where the driver's vibrations cancel out.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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