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Quest for bass build

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I have started my Tuba HT this weekend and wanted to share my progress so far. I got a cold on thursday so I did not get as much done as I had hoped to.

Dayton DVC

Baltic Birch plywood, this stuff is beautiful

Here are my panels cut out

I cut out a couple braces but later found it would be easier to just cut and fit the braces as I go. My first mistake and I am sure not my last :)

I tacked the pieces together with staples to get them exact on the bandsaw. If there is a better way to do this please let me know.

I dont have a plunge router so I had to use my fixed one. I made a jig out of some scrap wood to get the hole for the driver cut out. the jig worked great, I used a t-nut washer and wing nut to make it adjustable.

Here is a test cut.

I finished cutting all the panels, mounted the driver and cut my access panel. I will have more pics tomorrow of my progress.

I am picking up an EP1500 this week and just got a good deal on a Velodyne SMS-1. I can not wait to get this done and shake my house down :hyper:
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Ok well this is my last update till friday. Unfortunately I have to go back to work tomorrow and live an hour from my parents place. I will be thinking about this box all week...

Well here are the latest pics of the build.

Driver hole cut.

I cut the access panel with a circular saw and finished the ends with a jig saw, I thought it was the best way to do it and it worked well. If anyone has suggestions to make it easier please let me know.

Making sure the panels I cut were not to off.

And finally starting the box!

The PL does not seem to bad to work with. I hope I used enough for a good seal.

Well thats it folks, I am dead in the water till friday. I should have my amp, and sms-1 by then and hope to start shaking things down in a couple weeks :D
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Nice so far! And those homade circle jigs work like magic huh? One of the many gifts of wood.:sn:
Yeah the circle jig worked great. I am not a diehard woodworker, but have always had a knack for anything hands on. This build has been really fun so far and I am learning a bunch about what I am capable of. Next project will be loudspeakers and a matching center. At the present time I am using my fathers shop, but over winter plan on starting my own. I need a second job to be able to afford it hehe.
With a hobby like this we all need second jobs,LOL!
So I have made some great progress. I plan on having this all glued up and done next saturday.

Heres more pics!



So there she is. Looking good I think. I am about to finish one last panel that is in the last set of pics, I test fit it and am ready to glue.

I plan on testing it for a few days in my theater before I finish the outside of it. I have some sketches of what I am thinking and will post then during the week to get some of your feedback on them.

Friday I will be back at my parents getting the last 3 panels on and should have it fired up on sunday :D
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Nice job man! im sure it will meet your expectations.:hsd:
I want to start off this update with some information. TOES ARE FRAGILE!!

I use these to weigh down the panels on the braces. They are very very heavy

This is what happens when you trip over a power cord laying on the floor and drop one of these heavy monsters on your big toe. this was my face :eek: but after a beer and some ice I was much better.

Ok with that said lets move on to the build. I am very close to finishing and think tonight I will have everything done except the pieces that hold on the access panel.

I will have a couple more pics at the end of the night

And remember, be good to your toes :)
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I am so close now. I decided to wait till tomorrow to put the side on so the last panel I did has time to dry.

Cutting the last braces

Test fitting them

I am planning on finishing the cab in a few weeks after I have had a chance to play with it, and build its twin brother.

I will post the finished pics tomorrow, now its time to ice the toe and pass out :)
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You have done an awesome job! Sorry about the foot, hope it gets better!:crying:
You have done an awesome job! Sorry about the foot, hope it gets better!:crying:
Thanks, I am very happy with how it is turning out.

As for the toe, it sucks because I enjoy running. I would not have even cared if it had happened over the winter. I was going to be doing a 5k in a couple weeks, I guess thats out of the question. There is a good side to this tho. I can lie at the gym and skip leg days(hate doing legs) :bigsmile:
Just goes to show that there can be some good in the bad, and really you wouldn't be "lyeing". LOL
I am on the home stretch. I have the last 36" panel to put on and seal this baby up for good.

My crazy weight and tension system worked well, I was worried over night it would all collapse hehe.

Final Reflectors

I cut the pieces that hold on the access panel and glued them in, i am still unsure how I will attach the panel.

This is what I am thinking atm

If anyone has a better suggestion please let me know.
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She is done :D Below are the test fitting pics and final bracing to hold on the last panel.

Lots of PL

My brother gave me a thumbs up, he is also a basshead. He is still a car audio fanatic, he wants one of these in his audi hehe.

I am really happy how everything lined up at the end.

So my new driver comes on Wednesday. I can not wait to fire this up. I will post my first impressions as soon as its up and running.
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That thing is a geometric frenzy (if that makes any sense at all) (awesome in other words). One thing i've always been curious about is how do you get the sub in and out of it? Removeable panel?
This has been a super fun build. Now I am thinking about my next project. I am planning on building loudspeakers and a matching center over winter.

I will probably add to this thread again in a couple weeks when I start my second THT and hopefully will be finishing these sometime in September.

Here are 2 last shots of the cab. I will have some updates I have it running and in its new home :D

removable panel :p

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Excellent build. How does it sound?
Tomorrow evening around 6pm EST I will finally hear it. I am waiting on a replacement driver from PE. Its killing me seeing it sit here and do nothing but look pretty :hissyfit:

This is what I should look like tomorrow night :bigsmile:

I will post my listening impressions after a night or two of playing with it.
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