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Question about a 57H81 and a 50H72

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After fixing my Magnavox my buddy picked up one of each of these sets and both have what appears to be the famous convergence problem. The question is that on both sets you can not get to the convergence screen, when you push the button from the main menu nothing happens. You can save it though so I know the button itself works. Is this part of the convergence chips gone bad?
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I am not understanding what you mean by not being able to get to the convergence screen, but then saying you can save it.

These matters do not sound like output IC problems. Can you be more descriptive?
Does the button work on other functions? Do you use it in the save function?
Sounds strange that both sets do the same thing. Do you have manuals on them. Sounds like you may be missing something.
Believe it or not, I have to read the manuals sometimes.:nerd:
Can you run touch focus?
Do any other menu settings not work?
Have you tried to get into the service mode to adjust the convergence?
No, you can't. Forgot that you don't have the remote.
Get the service manual so that you have all of the info about how to navigate the SM. Some of it is not intuitive. Be very careful not to adjust anything that you do not understand.
Probably, or an open resistor, or both.
1 - 10 of 20 Posts
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