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Question about a 57H81 and a 50H72

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After fixing my Magnavox my buddy picked up one of each of these sets and both have what appears to be the famous convergence problem. The question is that on both sets you can not get to the convergence screen, when you push the button from the main menu nothing happens. You can save it though so I know the button itself works. Is this part of the convergence chips gone bad?
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When you push the menu button and scroll down to the convergence line, you need to push the right arrow button to goto the convergence screen, but nothing happens, its like the button is broken.
Now if you scroll to the next line that says save convergence setting it will say wait and then saved.
The red on the 57H81 curls up on the lower left side.
On the 50H72 all the colors are out of sync and bowed up with the same button problem.

Hope that clears it up some.

What do you think?
Yes on both sets the button works on other functions. Yes it works for the save.
No not yet we just picked them up last night, free bee's, no remotes yet either.
We were able to control everything else from the front of the tv's just not the convergence.
I'll download the manual do some reading. I was hoping you might have an awsner right off the top of your head, but I guess I'm not that lucky...lol
I just read through the manual and see that I did it right but it will not let me into the convergence menu.
yes, that is where you get the lines going vertical and horizontal at different times right?
Everything seems to work other than getting into the convergence menu.
Can you do that without the remote?
how do you get into it with the remote?
he has a new one coming from ebay
Well I got the service manual today and got a universal remote. I was able to get to the convergence screen with the remote, on the first screen with just the one crosshatch there was no red at the cross, but at the left side where the menu words were red was there, but real dull. I exited the convergence and ran touch focus, some words came up in red but were so blurry you could not read them. Looked in the SM and found the adjustment pots on the front right corner behind the plastic cover, focused and brightened the red and was able to read Touch Focus Error. Turned the set around, took the back off to see just how hard it was going to be to replace the convergence chips, looking in I see a screw stuck between one of the 1.8 ohm resistors and the grounded heat shield of another component.

Removed the screw, powered the set back up, and wow, way too much red now. Still get Touch focus error, and cannot get the red to converg at all points mainly on the lower left side, but it will move in all derections on the right :scratch: . Here are some other pics.

This is the upper right in the Service mode convergence:

I asume this is a burnt chip most likely from the screw shorting the resistor out?
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