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I'm setting up outdoor sound system
4 subwoofers (Niles GSS10 passive 500w) and Denton 6 spakers (6-1/2" 2-Way Indoor/Outdoor Speaker)
2 Behringer iNUKE NU4-6000 6000 Watt Four Channel Power Amplifiers


what is ideal method to connect subwoofers (daisy chain or ?)
Once the connection to the amps are done, where do the amps connect to? any home AV receiver? Any recommendations?

Thank you for your suggestions and comments in advance.


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With four subwoofers and a four-channel amp, no special connection scheme is needed. Just connect one per amplifier channel.

I can’t find anything on the Denton speakers, but if they are 4-ohm or greater you can connect them two per amplifier channel, if need be, via parallel wiring.

The signal input will come from any AVR receiver with pre-amp outputs, which most have except the cheapest. If you intend to use the AVR’s built-in amplifiers for an indoor surround sound system, you will need Zone 2 outputs to feed the Behringer amps.

For signal connections, you will need cables with RCA plugs on one end (AVR) and 1/4" plugs on the other end (Behringer).

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