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I think I know the answer to this... but I'm a little confused.

My situation is this:

I just bought a refurbished wall-mount jukebox. It has a 500W amp and 8 speaker connections.

I'm planning to wire two bookshelf speakers to it. And I dug out my old Energy S10.3 sub... figuring I would run the speaker-wire to it, high-level, and then from the sub to my speakers.

I **thought** that the sub had high-level inputs for a left and right channel, with corresponding high-level outputs that would go to the speakers. Wrong!:huh: It only has high-level inputs.

Here's a page from the manual: http://www.manualslib.com/manual/47620/Energy-S10-3.html?page=3#manual

Okay. So... do I simply hook my speakers up directly to the amp ... and then also run speaker wire from amp (different channels than the L and R bookshelf speakers) to the sub? Then set the sub crossover?

Essentially, this means that the sub will play 80 and below... and the speakers will play full range...?

Is this correct?
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