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Before some many choices of case that I had, I've finally decided to go with the PC-T3-i5-4200U, but the official website:

http://www.minicase.net/minipc-i5-4200U-T3.html does not give too much info about this beautiful case.

So, if there is out there any PC-T3-i5-4200U owner that is reading this topic, I've a few questions for you friend, and I'll really appreciate any answer that could be provided.

These are my questions:

How many fans can I install in the case?

How many space for rad (or fans only) I will have in the space behind the case?

How much thick my rad in the top can be with fans without touching the fans at the front? (The ones that are perpendicular with the Motherboard).

How much tall can my Reservoir be with Pump included? I don't wanna drill holes in such a beautiful case.

As I said, any info provided would be really appreciated!
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