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It took a little convincing of my wife - but I finally will get to upgrade my sub woofer. I will be ordering my Gen II Mal 18" very soon (by the end of this week) and would like to nail down all of the build details.

Sub Woofer Parts:
Driver - Maelstrom-X 18"
5 way binding post (parts-express part #260-309)

I prefer a sealed sub and was planning on utilizing one of Neo Dan's cut-sheets unless there is something new and improved that I should know about. http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/exodus-audio/12134-my-sealed-maelstrom-x-build.html

Now to the questions.
1) I have several small children so I will need to figure out a way to add a speaker grill to help protect the driver.
2) I would like the finish to match my speakers - which are piano black - would this be difficult?
3) Please point out anything obvious that I have missed :help:

I will be powering this beast with a Behringer EP2500 which I will be picking up for my birthday in Feb. So I should have plenty of time to build it right.
1) You could always down-fire the driver. You need feet, about 3" tall but that might be easier than building a grill.

2) Good luck with that. Piano black finishes take a LOT of work. You spray, sand, spray, sand, spray, sand, spray, sand, spray, sand etc.. etc... I prefer veneer simply because it is easy and you don't have to breath paint fumes. Of course if you have a paint booth, or take it to an auto shop where they do paint work on a regular basis, they can do a pretty good job.

3) Nothing obvious. I'd budget for the ability to measure the room and equalize. Same advice I give everyone.

Kevin Haskins
Exodus Audio
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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