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Hello Members,

ich made a new construction,

three new constuction features
bass horn mouth distance
membran movement cross setting
frame horn mouth

Frame double horn for 8" fullrange driver,
back driver again the BG20 von Visaton,
also invers montage with +- change possible.
Near the Saxophon but it might be, with
better soundstage and more direct bass.
A lot of softfibre reduce enclosure sound
and makes it cheap and easy. The horn swims
on softfibre in the horn mouth.

Also available the AN 8" with the pioneer 8" FR,



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Guten Tag, Horst. Willkommen!

That looks like a very neat idea. I am not very good on transmission line theory. So dual transmission lines are way out of my expertise.

The geometry looks good.

Do you have any frequency response measurements? I'm interested to see how those perform.
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