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Re: Convergence IC equivalents

This Forum is awesome! so much valuable information. i am totally new to this type of informational help. i have a Pioneer SD643HD5 that worked fine until the other day. Turned it on, and the images on the screeen were all outta whack, meaning, the different colored images that were like shadows of the original images. This was the case in all screen modes. i did some checking around on the threads here, and it appears that the IC Chip(s) need to be replaced. i realize that the resistors need to be checked as well upon replacing the chips but i dont know where, or how to find a part number to order order the correct chips. I too have a friend who is semi skilled (or brave enough) that i trust to help me replace the chips, but again, where do i find the chips to purchase? Now....inthe even that instructions and replies are made available to me, the only challenge i see is navigating back here to find results....HELP?

Note: the bottom 1/3 of the screen shows uneven colored images, the middle of the screen displays normal images, and the top 1/3 of the screen is similar to the bottom of the screen.
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