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Wayne A. Pflughaupt said:
B Dogg,

The info at the link looks good. The only thing I’d be leery about is their recommended front speaker placement. I assure you, no one has their speakers out that far in front of their TV.

One comment, I’d seriously consider looking into some better speakers. The Japanese brands are generally pretty poor.

By the way, nice avatar! Nice to see another Pontiac guy here. Check out the link in my profile under “Biography” to see a picture of mine. :D

Wayne A. Pflughaupt

Hi Wayne,

Thanks for the input about that website, my tv unforunately is not a wall mount type it's an older Zenith 27" that in itself is about 30" from the wall on it's own.

The Pioneer speakers one set is the CS-M555 (Frnt) and the other set is CS-510 (Rear) and the sub is a TS-W300R in an enclosed box...all were purchased used at a great price. When my budget can sustain the hit, I'll be getting some better speakers. What brand(s) would be a good choice?

Once upon a time I had a set of Altec Lansing 604G's, but sold them..****!!

A side note, the avatar is what I drive...have had it since '02 it's been a good little car for me.:D

I'll visit your Bio and check out your Ponti !!:sn:
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